Hilary Pinder

Hilary Pinder joined the RLC Board in September 2004. She chairs the Human Resources Committee. After an early career in industrial relations she specialised in management and organisational development and has been a free-lance consultant since 1977 working in the private, public and voluntary sectors in the UK and internationally. In 1996 she took an MSc in Development Studies at SOAS following which she worked as International Relations Secretary for Quaker Peace & Service with responsibility for a diverse programme portfolio in London and Geneva including Trade & Development, Human Rights and Disarmament. Since 1993 she has held a range of Board appointments in both the private and voluntary sectors and is researching corporate governance as a part-time PhD. She is a Quaker and lives in Buckinghamshire. She has two sons, the younger of whom is a pupil Barrister working in criminal law in Manchester.