The Refugee Legal Centre is a registered charity and operates independently. We operate a strict confidentiality policy and any information provided to us by our clients will not be disclosed to any third party without consent from the client. Any individual or organisation that works with us on a client’s case is also bound by the terms of our confidentiality policy.

All staff at the Refugee Legal Centre are asked when signing their staff contract to adhere to the following.:

“You may not disclose to any person nor use for your own benefit any information of a confidential nature which you may obtain about the Refugee Legal Centre, its staff, its clients or third parties without the consent of the Refugee Legal Centre or the party concerned”. CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY

All information about, and relating in any way to the Refugee Legal Centre’s dealings with clients is strictly confidential.

No personal information about clients will be used or communicated in any way, except when it is necessary to the conduct of the client’s case and is in the client’s best interests. Clients will always be asked to agree that information can be disclosed at the discretion of the Refugee Legal Centre when deemed to be in the best interests of the conduct of their case.

Clients will be reassured as necessary about the confidentiality policy of the Refugee Legal Centre and of the confidentiality of the organisations with which it liaises. If a client does not agree to disclosure of information, staff members will respect this. If this results in the RLC being unable to represent the client, an opportunity to make informed decisions will be given.

The release of papers, files of computer data concerning clients will only be allowed on their express instructions or on the instructions of those with legal authority to do so.

All information relating to the client will be retained for ten years after the last date of contact with the Refugee Legal Centre. After this time it will be destroyed, whilst maintaining a high level of confidentiality. If you have questions concerning this policy, please ask a member of the casework staff

Both the Legal Services Commission (LSC) and the Law Society recognise that there are circumstances which may override a client’s confidentiality